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The word Yoga means to join or unite. Our mind can be made still, quite and free from all distractions.

History of YOGA

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Yoga is an Indian ancient Science nobody knows its origins. Legends say it began with the gods. Lord Shiva is described as the first great yogi. Overtime many wise men walked the great path of Yoga. Each one of them left their own landmarks for us to follow.

Many old Indian stories tell us about these virtuous sages and their wonderful world. These sages were like children. Everything fascinated them: shining stars, tall mountains, flowing rivers, fierce beasts, beautiful birds etc.

These Sages lived close to the nature Nonviolence, Truth, honesty, self-discipline were the roots of their life.

One of these wisemen of old was the great sage Patanjali.

Sage Patanjali:

Patanjali lived around 200 BC was the first person to present the ancient tradition of Yoga in a systematic way. Interesting story about Patanjali.


One day his mother was while bathing in the river prayed to the Sun God “O Lord, please grant me a glorious son”. To her prayer the sun god the sun god told the wise snake Shesha to take birth of Gonika (mother Name) son. Now Shesha become a tiny snake and dropped down into Gonika’s palms which were folded in prayer. Then it changed into a beautiful boy. Gonika was surprised and named the child Pata-anjali. Pata means falling and Anjali means palms.

Patanjali grew up to be an extraordinary man and author of three brilliant works. One of that “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (196 Sutras)

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Goal of Yoga

When the mind is kept very calm and quite for a long time in Dhyana (meditation). We become united with God.


Requirements for Yoga

The great Sage further advised that we must have good character. Be friendly, kind, compassionate and be cheerful, do not look for faults in others but always try to improve yourself.

The Path of Yoga

To cultivate the good qualities and overcome the hurdles. Pathanjali laid down an eight-fold path. A person who follows this path is called a Yogi.

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Aged 70 years, International yoga & Karate master. Who worked three decades as a physical director and made lot of Students as good citizens of India.

Is the author of around thirty Yoga books including martial arts, and also a multi-talented knows very well in Mimicry, Karate, Yoga and Artist etc.

Awards: Yoga Guru, Yoga Waachaspathi, Yoga Vidya durandhara, Yudha Yoga Nistantha, P.V.N. Rao Life Time Award, Dr BR Ambedkar Dalitha Sahithya Academy Award, Dr. Sarvepally Radhakrishna National Best Teacher Award etc.

Now he is available on Online Yoga classes.

S. Sampath Kumar, Yoga Trainer



The Best of Yoga


Strength Building

Stress Relief

Relax & Refresh

Beauty of Body

Mind & Soul


Ashta means eight and anga means limbs or parts. The eitght limbs of Yoga are

  1. Yama: Yama having five commandments,

Ahimsa                                 –              Non-violence

Satya                                     –              Truth

Asteya                                  –              Non-stealing

Brahmacharya                   –              Self-control

Aparigraha                          –              Unselfishness

2. Niyama: It refers personal discipline.

Saucha                                  –              Cleanliness

Santhosha                           –              Contentment

Tapas                                    –              Great effort

Svadhyaya                          –              Self-study

Ishvara Pranidhana          –              Faith in God

3. ASANA: Asana means posture

4. Pranayama: Means breath control

5. Pratyahara: Means control of senses (taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing)

6. Dharana: means concentration

7. Dhyana: means meditation

8. Samadhi: means is the Gal of Yoga, where is the yogi unites with God.

By following these eight a man gets health of body and control over his mind.

For children, however only the first Three steps of Yoga are important. Yama, Niyama and Asana. These three steps prepare a child for the higher steps of Yoga which should practice when they are older.

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CH. Sarala

CH. Sarala

Yoga Instructor

Aged 50 & specialist in obesity control, she can do around 100 Suryanamaskars, doing her services in Yoga for the last 10 years

Ch. Sampath Reddy

Ch. Sampath Reddy

Yoga Trainer

MSc (Maths) BED, PGDY in Yoga at Banglore University, done several diabetic camps. He love to interact with kids to teach.

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