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About SSS Chess Club

What We Do

Learn, Grow, Education, Have Fun!

Online Chess Classes

We also offer online Chess training for students across the world, majorly from USA, Canada, Netherlands, and UK

Offline Chess Classes

We offer offline Chess training for all age groups, with individual attention to each student. At present, our offline Chess Training is offered in Hyderabad only.

Our Chess club

We give training at our own Academy located at Gachibowli.


We coach our students to give them the required skills in playing Chess and help them participate in National and International tournaments.

Why Chess?

History of Chess

The references to the Chess game are found in the ancient culture of India. The history of Chess goes back around 1500 years, and was first started in Northern India.

According to Indian mythology (Ramayana – 750 BC to 500 BC) the demon king Ravana invented Chess to amuse his wife Mandodari. The famous ancient Author and strategist Chanakya describes it as a game of war strategy known as Chaturanga, and played on a board of 64 squares.

Chess travelled from ancient India to Persia. The Arabs learnt it and they called Shatranj, again they introduced it to Europe and it grew popular in Russia. Finally, Vishwanath Anand clinched the World Grandmaster Title and gave its due credit to its place of origin.

About SSS Chess Club

SSS Chess Club was established in Karimnagar by Sahajasri’s Guru S.Sampath Kumar, and was then known as Mind and Body Fitness club. It trained students in Chess, Gymnastics, Yoga, Karate and many more, and several of its students participated in national and international tournaments and won awards. The club is now named as SSS Chess club, and Sahajasri is taking its legacy forward.

SSS Chess Club offers Chess training in both offline and online modes, with our location in Hyderabad. Our student Karthik from Vizag had won the third place in Pearl City FIDE Rating tournament in November 2019 in Hyderabad, our student Nizamuddin won the third place in Mastanaiah FIDE Rapid Open Tournament in 2021 at Hyderabad.

SSS Chess Club offers comprehensive Chess coaching for all age groups and skill levels. Be it for young children to mature adults, our training program is designed to help everyone grasp the nuances of playing Chess as a winner. Over the years, we have developed our training program to accommodate the best practices that we have gathered over the years.


Why Children need to learn Chess?

Playing Chess at an early age helps children improve their concentration, thinking capacity, and memory. In Armenia, all students learn to play Chess in schools at a young age.

Does learning Chess raise your kid’s IQ?

A study of 4000 students-both boys and girls showed improved IQ scores after four months of Chess training. The moving of pieces on board and Chess strategies helps raise the IQ levels of kids.

Does learning Chess improve Problem Solving Skills?

Chess improves the memory and mental abilities of your child. It is a game of strategy and playing Chess and guessing the opponent’s moves in the game helps children improve problem solving skills.

Does learning Chess improve Decision making and time management?

Chess requires an agile mind to win, so playing Chess improves decision making skills and time management, as players need to guess the next move in a short span of time. Playing Chess can be termed as an exercise for the brain.

Does learning Chess improve overall Academic growth?

Learning Chess is useful to develop thinking skills, mental abilities and will positively affect in academic performance, specifically in improving problem solving skills in Mathematics.

Improves Concentration?

A player needs to be highly focussed while playing Chess. This aspect improves concentration, as the brain starts learning to keenly focus on a single task while playing Chess.

Activate both sides of brain?

Playing Chess activates both sides of the brain, with the analytical part being activated in the left side, and the creative part being activated in the right side. Together, it activates both sides of the brain.

Improves planning and foresight?

Chess is a game of strategy, planning and execution. Playing Chess improves planning and foresight as the game involves guessing the opponents moves and countering them.

Increase the creativity of your child

Setting-up the pawns on a chessboard and playing the game by moving them to counteract the opponent involves a lot of thinking and creativity. Playing Chess surely does improve creativity.